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The Z Boaz Open
PDGA B-tier May 20-21, 2017

The Event is full

A few announcements to make about the event.

First is concerning safety. I want to make this very clear, I will error on the side of caution where the safety of the staff, and players is concerned every time.

As of now it looks like the rain is going to be a Friday evening to Saturday morning event. If there is lightning in the morning when you arrive at the park stay in your car until it passes the meeting will be delayed. It is not necessary for you to walk up to HQ to see what the plan is. If there is no lightning we will have the meeting at 9:30am, and we will start as soon as possible after. If we have to stall to start we will do so. If we are not able to complete 36 holes tomorrow we will make it up on Sunday.

If the creek is even close to impassable we will not cross it to play holes 14-18. We are prepared to set up 5 temp holes north of the train tracks. That creek could be deadly if you were to slip off the crossing stones, and using the train bridge is not an option.

We have only one Open Woman. This is very disappointing news, but it is beyond my control. This has been a problem in the past, and we have tried several solutions with and without success. After thinking about it, and discussing it with a couple of other people this is how it will happen this year. This is certain to ruffle some feathers, but this is the most fair way to handle this in our opinion (Brandon and Brian Mace).

We will not promote the next 3 women in the tournament to the skins spots automatically. Instead we will raffle off the three spots. Everyone in the tournament will have the chance to win a spot in the skins match with one exception OPEN MEN. The open men have their chance to play their way into their skins spot. Everyone else will receive one raffle ticket for the drawing for the skins spot. There will be more tickets for sale throughout the weekend. We will draw after the completion of the 3rd round. There will be a 2nd drawing to determine the order of the of the raffle winners and our only open woman. That will set the pairings with the top 4 open men. The remainder of the rules we have used in the past will remain the same.



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